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It’s very simple and very easy.

All we need is a copy of your recent invoice(s)/quotations/web prices from your current supplier(s), 

we do the rest. We do not need any other information. Once we have received a copy of your offered prices our team of price negotiation managers specialising in your industry will source the product(s) detailed on your invoice/quotations/ web price. We will find the exact product and/or an identical product with the same specification at a LOWER price.

We will then send you a price quotation offering the relevant product(s) at a LOWER price and advising the SAVING over your current supplier(s).


There is NO FEE to you and NO OBLIGATION to buy.


If you do decide to purchase from BusinessInvoiceChecker, then a 30-day credit account will be opened in your name with an initial credit limit of £500.00.


Your copy invoice/quotation/web price will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purpose of providing a price quotation from BusinessInvoiceChecker. The information will NOT be passed to your current suppliers or onto any third parties.




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Additional services

In addition to our BusinessInvoiceChecker we will be happy to provide you with technical information for the products you use.